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Improves Business

Manomite is an open platform where more than 175 million patients around the world comes to find healthcares for treatments and services.

New Model.
Gives New Experience

We are building a new model, one which promotes connectivity, access to big data and lots more without tearing your pocket.

Manual Process

Manual processes slows down business. At Manomite, we are here to help you! Manomite offers simplified management of digital tools for all use cases in healthcares.

Stay focused at your healthcare. Let us handle the technology aspect.

Manomite is a centralized planet that improves the quality of health service delivery through a technology driven solutions, which create platform for interactions between the medical personnel, medical service provider, hospitals, clinics, care-givers and all other health institution across Africa. With Manomite on your desk you have:

Access to quality EHR tools

Advanced tools which uses AI Models to provide personalized solutions to both patients and healthcares.

Full Documentation

Provision of educative materials to healthcares and patients for easy understanding on how to use Manomite.

No Subscription Fee

With one time registration fee healtcares and patients have full access to all Manomite advanced tools.

Millitary Grade Security

Advanced radar security with millitary grade encryptions of data, components and account security.


No matter the type of healthcare you run, we got you covered with everything you need to manage over 175 million patients across Africa.


Have access to medical personnel at the comfort of your room, Access to your medical records at all times, protection of your medical records and creates a policy that sanctions healthcares if their service to you is poor.

One time Fee

Manomite has created a new model that fits your expenses without tearing your pockets.



  • Access to all advanced tools
  • Access to 175 Million Patients
  • 24/7 Regular Support


  • Access to all advanced tools
  • Access to all Healthcares
  • 24/7 Regular Support
Wide range of service

Health is wealth.

At Manomite we understood this language that's why we are spending so much time in developing next generation tools that reduces cost of acquiring and maintaining expensive EHR systems, machines, data and security.

We are working very hard to fasten our launching date at the same time spending quality time and resources to provide quality and robust designs with seamless access.

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Our experience experts

We are professional team members equiped with the best experience to design an engineering adaptor that will shape the future of healthcare. Technology is our father while creativity is us and every components of our cells are made up of both parties.

George is self taught programmer with 11 years experience.

Adeyeye George


Abimbola is a professional teacher and computer operator with 5 years experience

Naomi Abimbola


Femi is a professional real estate agent and oracle database specialist with 10 years experience

Oloruntobi Obafemi


Maxwell is a graphics designer/Animation/3D Specialist with over 5 years experience.

Oduro Maxwell


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